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Thursday, December 27, 2007

This blog has officially shifted.

That uniform...
Wednesday, December 26, 2007

After so many days of 'school holidays',
finally can go to school today.

Zann was feeling so happy.

It was her first time wearing the uniform too.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Zann was having fun at the first kiddy ride.
In fact, she had the ride twice. I guessed it was the thrill
of the car moving up and down.
Even until the music has stopped,
she still didn't want to step out of the car.

Does this prove that my girl has bear phobia ?
She cried after she saw the smiling bear. Hmm...

See how happy she was..whenever there's food.
Actually, who doesn't?

This mini cooper costs only $19.90. It's cute though.
The sales assistant was helpful to show Zann how to play.

I wanted to buy...but she's too young for this.

Merry Christmas !!
Monday, December 24, 2007

For this festive holiday season,
here's wishing everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Hopefully everyone will have a wonderful year ahead,
and every wishes will come true....

Winter Solstice Festival
Saturday, December 22, 2007

Today is winter solstice festival meaning we had 'tang yuan'.
Eating these glutinous rice balls also means that
we are one year older.

This year's a bit different.
Cos Zann will be getting her first try. And I thought she
would love to eat them especially with the sugar syrup.

But in the end, she spitted out.

My girl doesnt like to eat tang yuan ar...

Hmm...never mind. Shall try again next year.

Can you feel the x'mas mood...?
Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I was wondering how different can Zann be
now that she is two years old.

Hmm...more hyperactive, I guessed.

She was trying to open the door to doctor's room.

Nurse: Eh..girl, cannot open the door. Wait Auntie 打屁股...

At the clinic yesterday, she was running around and around,
screaming and laughing away. Arh...oblivious to my disapproved look.

I had to bribe her with kaya toast before she quieten down.

After the check-up, we had a little window shopping in town.

Spending a good amount of time trying the toy bike.

Enjoying sipping away her favourite water-melon juice.

ABC Music and Me
Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The last time when Teacher Cindy told me that Zann
always participate enthusiastically in the music class,

I wasn't surprised.

Even at home, she was always jumping and clapping
whenever I played the children's songs.

I have enrolled her in the 4 weeks music-enrichment program.

It's called ABC Music & Me created by Kindermusik.

Suitable for 2-6 years old.

It comes with home materials which means I can participate
with Zann within home environment as well.

The class is starting next year.

It's not about being kiasu.
I was hoping the program will helps to enhance her creativity.

And, not forgetting it's where her interest lies as well.

Chopsticks or fork?
Monday, December 17, 2007

I had lunch appointment with Jaime today.

J: I think the way you used chopsticks wrong lei.

Me: Hur...aiyo..never mind lah. The food reached my mouth can liao.

And I was about to use it to poke the fishball into my mouth.

I heard that the correct way should be held in the parallel direction.
Seriously, I wasn't bothered with the way I used.

Given a choice, I would prefer fork instead.


On my way back, I bought three lovely cupcakes
of three different flavours.

The strawberry, mango and the raspberry...Yummy

Sunday, December 16, 2007


I haven't recovered.
Even though there are some food I need to avoid for now,

but I am dreaming and craving away for food.

Looking at the menu, I couldnt decide what to eat.
So I tried the vegetarian ramen.

No choice.

Shopped for awhile.
Bought some new clothes for Zann.
Went back home after that.

Birthday Update
Thursday, December 13, 2007

Zann's birthday celebration was at Downtown East.
I would like to say a big thanks to all the friends
who were able to make it on that day.
Plus, it was a working day to a lot of people.

And yes, not forgetting that Jane and Elaiine
with their precious were the first to arrive.

Aren't they adorable?

The table were loaded with food for the BBQ. Yummie stuffs
like spicy stingray and the mashed potato were my favourite.
But I didn't manage eat it. Sigh...

I was so pai say too. Arh cos some of the food I bbq were burnt.

The birthday cake we chosen for Zann was decorated with
Snow white and the seven dwarfs. She actually wanted to
eat the Snow White, but I didn't give it to her.
I was so afraid the chocolate-filled candy might be too heaty.

Zann has dozed off just before we decided it was time to cut the cake.
Some of the guests including Mrs Ong were eager to see her.
But the birthday girl was in slumberland.

Seeing her sleeping so soundly, I couldnt bear to wake her up.
Afterall, she was asleep less than an hour.

She looked kinda of blur when we were about to cut the cake.

It was like she wasn't aware what was happening except
that there was a huge crowd in front of her.

Uncle Jeff and her girlfriend has helped us alot
in preparing the charcoal and starting the fire.

The blur me even forgot to take photo with
my good friend, Eileen. And I didn't manage to talk to
Yizhong and the rest too.

The presents were secondary.
It's the thought that counts.

But still, I would like to say thanks to all who came
and making this an enjoyable and memorable day for Zann.



i am a simple woman with a beautiful daughter Zann. My life now revolving around her. She bring joy and laughter. Through her, i learn to look at things with a fresh perspective and know how to value life.

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